Klonopin / Clonazepam and Alcohol

Klonopin / Clonazepam and alcohol

Should you drink during Klonopin treatment?


Combining Klonopin and alcohol can increase the severity of the side effects caused by Klonopin. Klonopin with alcohol can result in serious reactions. It can cause unusual behavior and memory problems. Therefore, mixing Klonopin and alcohol is not recommended. If people having mental illnesses take Klonopin with alcohol, it can worsen the situation.

klonopin and alcoholIf the patient has panic disorder, its severity will increase. Clonazepam, which is the chemical substance available in Klonopin, and alcohol are Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants. This means, they both can slow down the activity of the brain. The combined effect of Klonopin and alcohol will have more effect on the brain. Moreover, people having mental illness should not consume alcohol.

Drinking alcohol while on Klonopin can increase the risk of some side effects caused by Klonopin. These side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, unusual behavior, memory problems, and co-ordination problems.

The heart rate and breathing rate can slow down due to the combination of Klonopin and alcohol. This situation can cause you to pass out and have difficulty breathing. It may even lead to death.

Your body and mind can be more sensitive to alcoholic effects when you take it along with Klonopin. When you take Klonopin with alcohol, you may not be able to drink your usual amounts of alcohol, as it is not safe for you. Therefore, if your temptation to drink more overcomes your fear of danger, it can lead you to a disastrous situation.

Klonopin is a drug approved for treating panic disorder. It is also approved for treating certain types of seizures. However, people having mental illness such as panic disorder should avoid drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol when you are on Klonopin can worsen the situation if you have mental illness. In addition, if people abusing alcohol combine Klonopin with it, they are likely to abuse Klonopin too.

If drinking alcohol is inevitable for you when you are already on Klonopin, talk to your doctor before you start drinking. Your doctor may advise you to adjust the dose of Klonopin or advise you to restrict your drinking to a moderate level. Also be fully aware of the effects that Klonopin can cause in you.

You should frankly discuss with your doctor on your alcohol amounts. You can make a shared decision with your doctor about Klonopin and alcohol for your specific condition.

Your doctor can also help you to get off alcohol if you are a heavy drinker. The Klonopin user may even die due to combining alcohol with it. The doctor prescribing Klonopin should make this point very clear to the patient. In brief, alcohol should be used cautiously.

It may increase dizziness and drowsiness when taken with Klonopin. It can also increase the risk of having a seizure. Besides this, Klonopin can increase the effects of other drugs which cause dizziness or drowsiness, such as sedatives and antidepressants. The list of such drugs also includes pain relievers, seizure medicines, muscle relaxants, anxiety medicines and antihistamines. While on Klonopin, you should not drink alcohol and should not take any medicine before taking to your doctor.klonopin and alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant by itself and can increase the effects of Klonopin. If you experience something untoward in you after taking Klonopin with alcohol, seek the help of your doctor immediately or go to the nearest emergency room. You should be particularly very cautious if you develop suicidal thoughts in your mind.

Klonopin and alcohol both act in similar manner on the same brain cell receptors, which are also known as GABA receptors. Therefore, the brain will feel heavy with the combined effect of alcohol and Klonopin. The brain slows down due to this. The part of the brain responsible for making you breath enough becomes almost inactive and causes death. Call your doctor immediately if you have thoughts about harming yourself.