About Klonopin

Klonopin sexual side effects

Klonopin was subjected to extensive clinical studies and the results showed that this drug can cause certain side effects.

Sexual Side Effects of klonopinThese side effects include changes in sex drive, problems in ejaculation, and impotence. While on Klonopin if you have any such side effects related to your sex performance, talk to your doctor, giving your medical background and current medications.

Also inform your doctor if you are a regular drinker and/or if you propose to take any new medicine. Your doctor can recommend a suitable treatment for you or may advise you to change the dosage of Klonopin you are taking.

If these things prove to be futile your doctor may switch over to another medication that suits your current situation.

Klonopin, which is also having its chemical name as clonazepam, can cause certain side effects like many other medications.

The sexual side effects caused by Klonopin include changes in sex drive, which is also known as libido, ejaculation problems and impotence. Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Studies reveal that people taking Klonopin developed changes in sex drive. The sex drive in them either increased or decreased. The changes in sex drive in people who were taking Klonopin accounted to 1 per cent of them. Of course, this was one of the sexual side effects reported by these people.

Klonopin can also cause ejaculation problems in men. The documented clinical studies pertaining to the side effects caused by Klonopin show that 2 per cent of men who were treated with Klonopin for panic disorder reported problems of delayed ejaculation.

Klonopin can cause impotence too. It goes by the definition that impotence is a total inability to achieve an erection. It is an inconsistent ability to have erection, or the erection can last for a brief period only.

Therefore, it is a repeated inability to get erection or keep an erection firm enough to have a sexual intercourse. As per the clinical studies documented, the impotence as a side effect caused by Klonopin, occurred in about 3 per cent of men taking this drug for panic disorder.

Even though it appears from the clinical studies that the percentage of people having sexual side effects is on the lower side, it is possible that these side Sexual Side Effects klonopineffects caused by Klonopin occur more frequently than reported in the clinical studies. It is also true that many persons feel embarrassed and are reluctant or hesitant to discuss their sexual problems frankly.

It is therefore usually assumed that the sexual side effects caused by Klonopin could have occurred in more people than what is shown in the documented clinical studies.

It may not be easy for your healthcare provider to know if you will develop any of the side effects that Klonopin can cause. Let us assume that a person has developed some sexual side effects.

Can it be attributed to Klonopin immediately? These sexual dysfunctions could be due to the conditions for which that person is treated. This means that the person’s ailment itself could have caused these problems.

Therefore, it is challenging to know as to which has caused the sexual dysfunctions in that person – the condition of the person for which treatment is given or Klonopin itself. Moreover, sexual symptoms are common with the conditions for which treatment with Klonopin is given.

Conclusively, if you experience any sexual side effect while you are on Klonopin, talk to your doctor so that your side effects can be treated immediately.

Some may have mild side effects affecting their sexual functions to a small extent. In some cases these sexual symptoms may be severe.

When you report your sexual problems to your doctor while on Klonopin, depending on the severity of your problems your doctor may advise you to adjust your Klonopin dosage or try to put you on some other medication for treating your epilepsy or panic disorder.